[LMB] OT: Stereotypes was DOS Attack, Iraq Style...

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Tue May 2 14:06:02 BST 2006

>From: Rowena <morgaine at zonnet.nl>

>>Andersen was a Victorian, wasn't he? Same culture as Dickens?
>Hans Christian Andersen: April 2, 1805–August 4, 1875

Thanks. Yes, core Victorian.

>"Andersen was now celebrated throughout Europe, although his native Denmark 
>still showed some resistance to his pretensions.

A prophet in his own country ...

In June
>1847, he paid his first visit to England and enjoyed a triumphal social 
>success. Charles Dickens invited him to stay at his place for a fortnight, 
>but Andersen stayed for 6 weeks, not understanding Dickens' increasingly 
>blatant hints that Anderson should leave. When he left, Dickens saw him off 
>from Ramsgate pier. Shortly thereafter Dickens published David Copperfield, 
>in which the character Uriah Heep is said to have been modelled on Andersen 
>— a backhanded compliment, to put it mildly."

Poor devil always WAS socially clueless, wasn't he? Or, what The Ugly 
Duckling was all about. And he had a crush on Jenny Lind - could that be the 
source of unrequited-love stories?

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