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On 5/1/06, yadler at thejnet.com <yadler at thejnet.com> wrote:
> as astonished as Lewko was that Ingrey had an Experience, he is even more
> astonished that Ijada shared it.

Well, he hasn't been let in on _all_ the details, now has he? :)

 and thoroughly astounded that ingrey hasn't mentioned ijada's leopard to
> Hetwar.

Mm. Makes Lewko wonder about Ingrey a little. I think his not telling Hetwar
really is out of character - that's why I rather liked Hetwar (while he was
off-stage) in the first place. Well, one of the reasons.

  and not at all surprised that he got the problem via Hallana, since it is
> her role in life to disperse astonishment to all.

Hallana - the one and only. I think herself liked Hallana even better than
Ista (and Ista was plenty god-touched - the Mother, the dratsaB, the
Father...) :)

Ijada's trial is touched on - there will be five judges, which makes this a
> very important case.

The number of judges does make Ingrey hopeful - at least there is some
chance of fairness; the fewer judges, the easier to bribe / sway in the same

And we find that even if Ijada survives the murder charge, she might well be
> hanged for having a leopard.  complications ...

Oh yes. But I think Ingrey is not so very safe anymore either. I like the
description that is coming, in Ingrey's inner eye, about what the situation
may be if Ijada _was_ hanged...

I wonder if C. might be called as a witness of the crime?  he may not be in
> good standing any more, but he saw the whole thing start to finish.

I think he will be a witness - but on the other hand, nobody could count on
him unitl he did show up...

As Ingrey tries to find out how his father became contaminated with the
> rabid wolf, he finds that Wencel turned odd after his own father died, after
> his mother died.

I think he turned odd _after_ his father died, _before_ his mother died.
(his, in both cases, being Wencel). Just my impression.

 The dilemma opens his mouth, and he finally tells Lewko about W's spirit
> horse.

I did get the impression that it was Cumril who told Lewko about Wencel...
not Ingrey. I _may_ have been wrong.

Lewko is -not- happy about more complications, especially not if it involves
> the third highest lord of the land ...    He should have burned Hallana's
> note before reading it ;)

Mm. But I don't think it would have helped him, somehow... All things

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