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On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 04:14:16PM +0300, Kalina Varbanova wrote:
> On 5/1/06, yadler at thejnet.com <yadler at thejnet.com> wrote:
> >As Ingrey tries to find out how his father became contaminated with the
> >rabid wolf, he finds that Wencel turned odd after his own father died, 
> >after his mother died.
> I think he turned odd _after_ his father died, _before_ his mother died.
> (his, in both cases, being Wencel). Just my impression.

Oh, very specifically described in the text - after father died,
before mother:

: "His sister Lady Horseriver had fled to him in great fear, begging his
: aid. She had a frantic tale of her son Wencel having become possessed
: by an evil spirit of the Old Weald."
: Lewko's head came up. "Wencel!"
: Ingrey choked back a curse. In one sentence, a whole handful of new
: cards was laid upon the table, and in front of Lewko, too.
: "Wait...this possession occurred before Wencel's mother's death? Not
: after?"
: "Indeed, before. She thought it had happened at the time of his
: father's death, some four or so months earlier. The boy had changed so
: strangely then."

> >The dilemma opens his mouth, and he finally tells Lewko about W's spirit
> >horse.
> I did get the impression that it was Cumril who told Lewko about Wencel...
> not Ingrey. I _may_ have been wrong.

Cumril told first (or at least implied) - see the quoted text above.
A page or so later Ingrey confirms that the "old spirit of the Weald"
is a spirit animal.

> Lewko is -not- happy about more complications, especially not if it involves
> >the third highest lord of the land ...    He should have burned Hallana's
> >note before reading it ;)
> Mm. But I don't think it would have helped him, somehow... All things
> considered.

Of course not!

Scott Raun
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