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Kalina Varbanova kikibug13 at gmail.com
Wed May 3 06:58:34 BST 2006

On 5/3/06, Tracy MacShane <billie_t at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> It's no secret that if I were slightly differently inclined, I'd be madly
> in love with Caz -

Yay!!! :) Me too. Only I wouldn't be able to compete with Betriz, so... :-P

it's nice to compare and contrast with Ingrey. Also, I got much more of a
> sense of Ingrey's sense of humour this time. I really didn't pick up on it
> the first time round, and it's one of the things I enjoy a lot about Caz.

Oh yes. Although their senses of humor, to my perception, do differ... :)

It certainly helps with my liking of the book over all - on first reading, I
> felt it to be a little relentlessly grim. Also, unfortunate personal circs,
> and having to read it in the space of 24 hours, undoubtedly coloured my
> perceptions at the time.

Absolutely. Although I have not yet found myself in too dark a mood for any
Bujold book... even the ones that make me cry after the n-teenth
re-reading... (Memory, ACC, to name two).

Which is why I never understand people who don't re-read (unless of course
> it's a *vile* book). You never pick up everything the first time round -
> unless you read incredibly slowly, I suppose - and what you do register is a
> lot to do with your mood at the time.

And, with the best books - the more you learn, the more you can appreciate
of the book. There are books I re-read after a couple of years "rest" and I
find in them things I wouldn't have suspected even the first time - even
though I liked them a lot even then. I have learned new things, so some
things I took one way receive an entirely new dimension...

(Of course, there are some books that are unrelenting "difficulty", like
> Robin Hobb's, Stephen Donaldson's and George R.R Martin's - and I haven't
> ever been in such a Pollyanna mood as to be able to finish them.)

I actually somewhat liked Robin Hobb (the Assassins trilogy, I haven't found
others by her) - she made up a world which I found interesting and there
were decent folks there; Stephen Donaldson I got through - I rather liked
the Mirror - ?duology? - I found it different from Illearth and much more to
my taste. Martin, as I have already noted, I couldn't swallow at all, I gave
up about a third through the first book... I have heard very nice things
commented (and seen written) about his style of writing, but I couldn't
bring myself to the task.
But I do know what you mean... it does take a Pollyanna mood. :)

You have two hands. One to help yourself and one to help others.

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