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> > It's no secret that if I were slightly differently inclined, I'd be madly
> > in love with Caz -
> Yay!!! :) Me too. Only I wouldn't be able to compete with Betriz, so...
> :-P

Heh, me either. In fact, er, I quite like Betriz as well. In *that* way.
No redemption for me, alas.

> it's nice to compare and contrast with Ingrey. Also, I got much more of a
> > sense of Ingrey's sense of humour this time. I really didn't pick up on it
> > the first time round, and it's one of the things I enjoy a lot about Caz.
> Oh yes. Although their senses of humor, to my perception, do differ... :)

Yes, they certainly do have different senses of humour - Caz's is more
self-deprecating and Ingrey's is more dry and cynical. I really must
have been in some wierd zone not to have noticed it on my first read,

> Absolutely. Although I have not yet found myself in too dark a mood for
> any Bujold book... even the ones that make me cry after the n-teenth
> re-reading... (Memory, ACC, to name two).

Me either, actually. I certainly enjoyed HH the first time round, just
not as much as I was expecting to. I'm relieved to have regained my
total worship of Lois' works! :-)

> And, with the best books - the more you learn, the more you can
> appreciate of the book. There are books I re-read after a couple of years "rest" and
> I find in them things I wouldn't have suspected even the first time - even
> though I liked them a lot even then. I have learned new things, so some
> things I took one way receive an entirely new dimension...

That's so true. There are some things you haven't had the life
experience or even just plain general knowlege to pick up on the
nuances. I quite often find myself excavating hidden depths when
revisiting children's books, as an obvious example. The Narnia stories
being the best instance of that, for me. I didn't learn about the
Christian symbolism until my late teens, being brought up in a family
which was largely immune to religion. And, I *had* read the Bible, more
than once, by then. But for some reason the symbolism, even at that age,
totally went over my head in the novels until it was explicitly pointed
out to me. *That* was an interesting re-read.

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