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> So what shape do people think Ingrey's and Ijada's souls are
> then?  Neither of them appear to be as yielding to the gods as Cazaril does,
> and Ingrey doesn't appear to have any desire to surrender his will to Them
> at this stage, and I doubt that he will in future.

I think it is in the same 15th chapter that Lewko comments that neither
Ijada, nor Ingrey, have the right disposition to be god-touched (it may be
later). He is really rather surprised that the miracle of Boleso's funeral

Do the animal spirits somehow make a connecting link between the human and
> the god?

I think so. At least HH makes it seem that way to me :)

 I think Umegat says something about how the gods work more easily through
> animals (or some animals) than plants or humans, because humans have will to
> resist, and plants take a very long time, and thus the miracle of funeral
> magic.

Yes, he did say that gods find it easier to work with animals, I think. I
didn't think he explicitly connected it to the funeral rite (I think my mind
connected it to the menagerie), but it is an easy corrolary.

I think where I was heading is: what shape do you think the souls of Ingrey
> and Ijada are?

Sword (that he uses when he goes berserk) and war-hammer (like the one she
used with Boleso)?  I don't really think so, these are just firt

And now I think I'll go to bed and curl up with the book my flatmate bought
> today after I told her about it yesterday

:) Enjooy!
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