[LMB] Quote Pixie (WAS:- Unreliable Narrators)

James M. BRYANT, G4CLF jbryant at lunainternet.net
Wed May 3 11:15:00 BST 2006

Rachel Ganz, in a post with a great
complexity of mixed quotes, asks:-

 >Does the Quote Pixie fix this stuff?

Alas - no! The quote pixie (gently)
chides those who breach the list's
quote guidelines. (Yeltar, over whom
the quote pixie has little or no control,
occasionally carries a really bad
offender away to Bujoldia - be frightened,
be very, very frightened.)

The quote pixie does, however, advise
on how to minimise quotes and maximise
communication - and how to identify the
sources of ideas cited in a post. Go to:-


Note that I am back from the Red Sea,
have qualified as an "Advanced Open Water
Diver" (12 dives in 5 days - photos will
be posted when I have time to sort 'em),
and will be starting a quote purge shortly.

James who is reliable as a quote pixie,
but who is less reliable as a narrator:-

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