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Helen Hancox helen at hancox.org.uk
Wed May 3 20:50:25 BST 2006

Elizabeth Holden said:
I have just read the first [Robin Hobb] book and I haven't decided whether
> to continue.  It wasn't the world itself that I didn't like - though 
> the people didn't make psychological sense to me, didn't seem real in 
> their actions and reactions, by and large.  I found it difficult to 
> like the protagonist, whose name I've already forgotten.  Yet I know 
> lots of people love those books. Should I persevere and try the next one?


I'm currently almost at the end of the second of the Liveship Trilogy by
Robin Hobb (Ship of Magic and The Mad Ship are the first two). This second
book is 902 pages and I only started reading it this morning - this tells
you how gripping I've found it.

What has been particularly interesting to me is the characterisation; she
seems able to portray completely different people with their changing
motives and foibles. I don't understand all her characters and why they
behave the way they do, but I find myself wrapped up in their world and what
they're going to do next.

I recommend if you've ground to a halt with the Assassin's Apprentice that
perhaps you try Ship of Magic. Perhaps it's more accessible (some of the
reviews have suggested this - I've not read the Farseer trilogy myself).
Certainly I think that it's a worthwhile read.

Auntie Helen

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