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> Ziviya [have the books gotten there yet?] is looking for the Andrew Lang 
> book.

just got them
my husband thinks that supper is going to be burned for the next few nights 

> Go to Project Gutenberg:  http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/authors/l , and 
> page down to "Lang, Andrew".  There're dozens of books by him to download, 
> including that particular one.
> Enjoy!
> Jerrie, who also recommends the Frances Hodgson Burnett & Howard Pyle.

looked at it, but i can't read e-books.  it hurts my eyes.* although i have 
read, with intrest, all the list discusisons of which e-book reader is 

i wish i could find the books in a lending library, was my point.  i want my 
baby sister to read them (so she wll graduate high school next year - shes 
still my baby sister!)  i want them available for my kids when they get big 
enough to go to the library on their own.  and they just arent there 
anymore. :(


its not a question of which screen is better, since watching tv for more 
htan 1/2 hour hurts my eyes too.

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