[LMB] OT: Moldy Oldies

Dave Marquardt Dave at Marquardt.NAME
Thu May 4 20:08:48 BST 2006


Bill> Janet wrote:
>> Seeing as how my husband collects them and has a four-foot teaching
>> specimen on the wall, yes...but I'm also old enough to have used one.
>> Though mine was plastic and round. 

Bill> I still have mine including a 6". Did anyone else ever "cold
Bill> boot" a PDP-11?

Yes, at the beginning of my career.

Bill> You started by entering a program in machine language using the
Bill> front panel switches. This program was used to run another
Bill> device (we used a paper tape reader) that would load a disk
Bill> driver. The VAX was a big step forward since every VAX contained
Bill> a micro-VAX to boot with and that booted from ROM.

I thought it was an LSI-11, or at least I thought so for the
VAX-11/780s I managed.
Dave Marquardt
Round Rock, TX

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