[LMB] HH chapter 16

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Thu May 4 20:32:11 BST 2006

Chapter 16: In which Wencel shows Ingrey the tragic
progression of his many lives.

Ah, so Wencel was the hallow king of the Wealding who
was thrown into the mass grave to die with all his
people on top of him.  And be reborn, and reborn....
In search of  a victory that never came.

So presumably in the course of this story it will
come, in some unanticipated form.

And Ingrey is his heir.  Interesting link of spirit
and genetics.

Ingrey hates the gods. Are the five gods the same as
the gods of the Wealdings?

Wencel changed his speech patterns here, as if the
Wealding king was a new personality. Or reverting to
an old one, with old memories?  Caught up in his own
tragedy. Or just revealing himself... Why did he never
say his name?

Best line: "I want my world back."

Second best lines:
Ingrey: "Do you fear the gods will destroy you?"
Wencel: "That is not a fear. That is a prayer."

What are Ingrey's thousand questions that he wanted to
ask Wencel?  The first thing I would want to know from
him is, did he really want Ijada dead, and if so, why?
 I don't see where that fits in. That leaves 999
questions to go.

At the end of the chapter, Ingrey wonders why Wencel
was 'so anxious now', and 'pressed', as if suddenly in
a hurry.  If Ingrey hadn't told me that was the case,
I wouldn't have realized it.  How does Ingrey know
that Wencel's action was unaccustomed?


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