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On 5/4/06, Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com> wrote:
> Chapter 16: In which Wencel shows Ingrey the tragic progression of his
> many lives.

And although there were hints, I found that a sharp turn (which I didn't
object to, I think Ingrey was getting sort of stuck, with no direction in
which to project effort. A lot was happening and the explanations were few.

So presumably in the course of this story it will come, in some
> unanticipated form.

Mm. Victory for the Weald. At last!

Ingrey hates the gods. Are the five gods the same as the gods of the
> Wealdings?

Yes, they are the same. I think there was a note, although it may be later
than the 16th chapter, that Darthaca worshiped the same gods as the Weald
did; but the other practices were considered unorthodox.

What are Ingrey's thousand questions that he wanted to ask Wencel?

Well, after such a shock, the count may be off by some count... :)

 The first thing I would want to know from him is, did he really want Ijada
> dead, and if so, why? I don't see where that fits in.

 New blood. He doesn't want anything muddying up his pond (which seems to me
very mucky anyway... but I don't share other tastes of his either.

At the end of the chapter, Ingrey wonders why Wencel was 'so anxious now',
> and 'pressed', as if suddenly in a hurry.  If Ingrey hadn't told me that was
> the case, I wouldn't have realized it.  How does Ingrey know
> that Wencel's action was unaccustomed?

Well, aside from the fact they were never very close, Ingrey must have had
reasons enough to observer his more noble cousin... Also, when a person is
in a hurry, he does have a certain aura that people close to him can feel.
When I read that part, that is what I imagine - Ingrey perceived things in
the intonation and body language, and the visions of the string of lives
would just be overburdened to describe them - so Ingrey mentaly summarizes
the message he got from them. Maybe... :)

Things are starting to geer up, aren't they? At this point, the first time
through, they couldn't have taken the book away from me, sort of like Delia
from Duv's hand... :)) not that anybody tried, it was in the middle of the
night after all.

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