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Scott Raun sraun at fireopal.org
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On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 03:32:11PM -0400, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> Chapter 16: In which Wencel shows Ingrey the tragic
> progression of his many lives.

And we get the first hint of what the _real_ plot is.  IIRC, at the
end of this chapter I sat up and said, 'No, can't be.'  Turned out I
was wrong.

> Ah, so Wencel was the hallow king of the Wealding who
> was thrown into the mass grave to die with all his
> people on top of him.  And be reborn, and reborn....
> In search of  a victory that never came.

Yeah.  I simultaneously find Wencel pitiable and reprehensible.

> So presumably in the course of this story it will
> come, in some unanticipated form.

Well... Do you really want spoilers?

> And Ingrey is his heir.  Interesting link of spirit
> and genetics.

Oh, yes!

> Ingrey hates the gods. Are the five gods the same as
> the gods of the Wealdings?

Ingrey hates what the gods let happen to him.  This is ... influencing
his opinion of the gods in general.

> Wencel changed his speech patterns here, as if the
> Wealding king was a new personality. Or reverting to
> an old one, with old memories?  Caught up in his own
> tragedy. Or just revealing himself... Why did he never
> say his name?
> Best line: "I want my world back."


> Second best lines:
> Ingrey: "Do you fear the gods will destroy you?"
> Wencel: "That is not a fear. That is a prayer."

This qualifies as "hint!"

> At the end of the chapter, Ingrey wonders why Wencel
> was 'so anxious now', and 'pressed', as if suddenly in
> a hurry.  If Ingrey hadn't told me that was the case,
> I wouldn't have realized it.  How does Ingrey know
> that Wencel's action was unaccustomed?

I don't think you need to know someone well to percieve that they are
anxious or pressed.

The unaccustomed action is noticeable because it is such a departure
from a routine for a recluse.  Everyone knows Wencel spends all his
time at his castle, studying in the library or doing similar things.
So, what has him out dealing with the world?  What could he want _so
much_ that he would abandon his reclusiveness?

Scott Raun
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