[LMB] Robin Hobb and other authors OT:

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Thu May 4 21:58:41 BST 2006

For me the wonderfully thing with the books of Robin Hobb, that is the 
three trilogies 'farseeers trilogy' , 'the liveship traders' and 'the 
tawny man' is the way two separate stories intermingle. I had the 
feeling that the world became more and more complicated in front of my 
eyes (yes they are one big  series, the above is the chronological  order).

As for the character of Fitz. I kinda could identify with him. When I 
read it I was still remembering the feeling of not being part of the 
group/the in crowed/the accepted ones vividly. The fantasy I had then of 
some secret that would lift me out of my situation, a hidden tasks/skill 
I would perform/acquire, something that would make me important was 
triggered quite nicely by Fitz special role. Even if it is killing, even 
I can see the skills going with it can be quite thrilling.

Anyway, I can only endorse a second try if you are considering it. (But 
then again, books are like people, something it clicks and sometimes it 

As for difference between the Farseer and the Liveship Traders, I think 
of the first as the Northern book and the second as the Southern. The 
apparent friendliness of the Southern welcome can be very deceptive. 
Revelations made me cry.


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