[LMB] LMB Tech In The News: Laser Weapon Development AgainstOrbiting Satelli

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Fri May 5 00:11:29 BST 2006

>Reporters freaking out because optics research is being funded out of
>a different pot of money. They're trying to build adaptive optics to
>compensate for atmospheric distortion. Apparently the pure-research
>money ran out, so now they're pitching it as weapons research. Same
>project, new label. Those lasers were blinking at some of the birds I
>worked on in the AF. I generated visibility schedules for them.
>and recommends:

But you're taking all the FUN out of it... :):)

BTW, the earlier version of this system was the basis for Tom Clancy/Jeff 
Rovin's novel The Cardinal Of The Kremlin. The technology of the later 
itself is used in both the THEL and the ABML (Boeing 747 with a laser in 
side firing thorugh a telescope in the nose to hit ICBM's in the boost 
phase, early tests have been promising but no cigar yet...)

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