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> Chapter 16: In which Wencel shows Ingrey the tragic
> progression of his many lives.

> Ah, so Wencel was the hallow king of the Wealding who
> was thrown into the mass grave to die with all his
> people on top of him.  And be reborn, and reborn....
> In search of  a victory that never came.

> So presumably in the course of this story it will
> come, in some unanticipated form.

> And Ingrey is his heir.  Interesting link of spirit
> and genetics.

> Ingrey hates the gods. Are the five gods the same as
> the gods of the Wealdings?

Yes, they are the saame Gods ... different details in the religious practices in the pre-Conquest Weald. There are parallels to Charlemagne v. the Saxons, but also significant differences. It's as if the Saxons had not been pagans but heretics. (I'm imagining a crusade in the 8th century against surviving Pelagians or Arians.)  

And I don't see Ingrey as hating the Gods, but rather resenting them, avoiding contact with them, because of what Their divines had done to him to try to rid him of his wolf, and then to bind it.

You want somebody who really hates the Gods? You won't have to look too far.

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