[LMB] Birthday

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Fri May 5 02:32:37 BST 2006

[The stout fellow, academic robes flapping, races onto the stage. 
Panting, he struggles for breath before gasping out:]

Oh dear, oh dear, I'm *late*! It's no excuse, I'm sure, but it is finals week 
and things are rather hectic. Let me try to atone to our own Tom 
Vinson, who, shall we say, "score"d for the third time yesterday. Tom, I 
hope that your day was bright and joyful and spent in the company of 
loved ones, and I hope too that everyone will join me in wishing you 
luck in that little window-cleaning exercise you spoke of a few days 

Ladies and gentlemen: Tom Vinson!

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