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Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Fri May 5 09:26:02 BST 2006

Eileen McConnell wrote:

> Also, is it just me, or did old Walt have some SERIOUS Oedipal
> issues?  The
> only early-ish Disney mother I can recall is Bambi's mother
> (who doesn't
> even have a name, note), and she's shot only-just offscreen.
> Are there any
> Disney moms before Lion King?  Mrs. Darling, I suppose, but I
> don't remember
> much about her.  Anyone else?

I once read a monograph pointing out the rather restricted set of
releationships among the Disney characters. No one is married, no
one is father or mother, son or daughter of another character.
But there's lots of uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces.
Furthermore, the uncles only have nephews and the aunts only have
nieces. Brothers or sisters are usually identical triplets.

Take Donald Duck's family. He has an uncle (Scrooge) and three
identical twin nephews. Daisy has nieces, and I think they're
identical triplets, too. The usual bad guys are the Beagle Boys,
of which there are a large number (as many as 13 -- not sure if
they're meant to be all brothers or not). Apparently, they also
have identical triplet nephews. (Googling, I find that Donald's
grandmother, Elviry, has also appeared in some cartoons/comics,
although I don't recall those episodes. Apparently, she's the
sister of Scrooge.)

This mostly applies to characters made up by Walt, but perhaps
it's carried over to other characters in the movies.

I forget what the point of the monograph was, but I don't think
there was anything Oedipal about it. Not all these characters
were thought up by Walt, although from what I've heard about his
studios, he would have had to approve them.

Dan Tilque

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