[LMB] OT: Disney relationships

Kalina Varbanova kikibug13 at gmail.com
Fri May 5 09:38:02 BST 2006

On 5/5/06, Dan Tilque <dtilque at nwlink.com> wrote:
> I once read a monograph pointing out the rather restricted set of
> releationships among the Disney characters. No one is married, no one is
> father or mother, son or daughter of another character.

Just a note - Belle is the daugher of her father. So is Ariel. So is
Jasmine. Sleeping beauty, iirc, has both parents available (although the
king and queen do not get quite as much action as the fathers in the first
three examples). Also, Simba's father, king Mufasa, is featured for a while
(to stray from the daughter-father model). I think the carrying over to
movies was not so... full. Please forgive my countering you, and I am _not_
watching Disney so much as to be able to give my opinion on the monograph
per se, I just thought of counterexamples. But the Donald Duck example is
pretty indicative (when I read about triplets, I couldn't help thinking of
the Beaty and the Beast triplets who fawn over Gaston).

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