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> Kalina Varbanova wrote:
> > Just a note - Belle is the daugher of her father.
> So is Ariel. So is
> > Jasmine. Sleeping beauty, iirc, has both parents
> available (although the
> > king and queen do not get quite as much action as
> the fathers in the first
> > three examples). 
> Though your examples happen to be post-walt disney
> death so he was not 
> exerting the same amount of control as prior to his
> death.

Also, they were not stories and relationships original
to Disney.  In the fairytale 'Beauty and the Beast',
Beauty only goes to the Beast to free her father, so
if that had changed there would have had to have been
an entire restructuring of the tale.  In the original
'Aladdin', the princess has very little role in the
story at all - marriage to her is the conduit through
which Aladdin may claim rank and the position as the
Sultan's heir, and while she does give the magician
back the lamp, it's clear she only does so because
Aladdin has not bothered to inform her of its
importance - she is not important in her own person to
father, husband or even the story at all.  Disney
expanded her role and effect on the story but not her
position.  Finally, the story of the Little Mermaid
was written by Hans Christian Andersen, and the
relationship between the Little Mermaid and her father
was a very important one to the story, because her
actions were more than a little motivated by the fact
he'd specifically forbidden her to do any of them. 

In other words, mucking with those relationships would
well and truly wreck the stories because they were
important to the characters' motivations.

> He himself was a prudish barstid ... i am amazed he
> ever managed to 
> reproduce.

I think the answer to that one would be, 'Never
underestimate a woman who is determined to live a life
to which she wishes to become accustomed'.


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