[LMB] Rian's gift to Miles? (A bit of a spoiler relating to Cetaganda)

Jenny Sessions sessiojr at uwec.edu
Sat May 6 16:58:22 BST 2006

Lucie Tuan wrote:
> I was re-reading Cetaganda, and this question came upon me.
> If it has been asked before, I apologize. Couldn't find the answer in FAQ:(
> So there was Rian, giving Miles a long, long lock of her hair. I would think
> that since Cetagandans are so concerned about their genome, giving out a
> part of their physical tissue that contains their genes would be a serious
> and intense ritual.
Except that hair doesn't contain DNA.  I would love to see some more 
interaction with the Haut Empress Rian, but Miles is too much of an 
outsider, a foreigner and an erstwhile enemy for him to have much more 
intimate contact with the Empress.

Jenny Sessions

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