[LMB] re Stereotypes was DOS Attack, Iraq Style... OT:

J Selin harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 14:24:31 BST 2006

> ziviya wrote:
> snow white, a la disney:  dumb evil minions spend 16 years
> searching for a baby.  after 16 years of concealment and no
> magic, dumb fairys celebrate before victory, and snatch defeat
> from teh jaws of victory.  prince defys king and insists he will
> marry the beautiful unknown peasant, king insists he will marry
> beautiful unkown princess... behold, they are the same!  and how
> will she react to court manners (and corsets!  and uncomfortable
> shoes!) after growing up with animals (and peasant skirts!  adn
> barefoot!)

I know how Robin McKinley handled the issue for Sleeping Beauty.

Personally, I'm more disturbed by Disney's ugly=evil/evil=ugly,
beauty=good/good=beauty, young=hero, old=villian setup than I am
about hair color.  A few bad women are beautiful but name me one good
one who's ugly.

cheering Princess Fiona

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