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Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Mon May 8 16:33:46 BST 2006

At 09:24 AM 5/8/2006, J Selin wrote:
> > ziviya wrote:
> > snow white, a la disney:  dumb evil minions spend 16 years
> > searching for a baby.  after 16 years of concealment and no
> > magic, dumb fairys celebrate before victory, and snatch defeat
> > from teh jaws of victory.  prince defys king and insists he will
> > marry the beautiful unknown peasant, king insists he will marry
> > beautiful unkown princess... behold, they are the same!  and how
> > will she react to court manners (and corsets!  and uncomfortable
> > shoes!) after growing up with animals (and peasant skirts!  adn
> > barefoot!)
>I know how Robin McKinley handled the issue for Sleeping Beauty.
>Personally, I'm more disturbed by Disney's ugly=evil/evil=ugly,
>beauty=good/good=beauty, young=hero, old=villian setup than I am
>about hair color.  A few bad women are beautiful but name me one good
>one who's ugly.

Not always.  Bram Bones was young, virile, and handsome in "The 
Legend of Sleepy Hollow", and, of course, there was Gaston in "Beauty 
and the Beast", who was ditto.

Well, there are fairy godmothers, who aren't young or slim, usually.

But the acting profession in general has no relationship with real 
life, either.  The beautiful, slim, young-looking things who portray 
most of the female parts in motion pictures represent less than 1 per 
cent of the actual American population, to start with.  Ugly and 
older men can get parts, even leading-man parts (Jack Palance, for 
instance), but not women.  I can think of only one exception (the 
lady who used to be in "The Practice").

Regards, Pete
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