[LMB] re West Wing (was women's status in old brit law) OT:

J Selin harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 20:24:50 BST 2006

>> I (Harimad) wrote:
>> PS - "They're all about duty."

> Alfred responded:
> Finally a west wing fan!!!! (sad about the actor's death, but it
> fed the plot line nicely, IMHO...)

A fan of the earlier eps, at least.  And I loved Ainsley Haynes'
character.  I think Sorkin has 2-3 good seasons of a show in him and
after that, kaput.  I meant to watch this week's but forgot (haven't
watched in years) and really do intend to watch next week's.  Then
I'll contentedly watch DVDs from the first 2 seasons and from Sports


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