James cessnadriver at gmail.com
Tue May 9 06:24:53 BST 2006

This is actually one time where being spammed silly is a good thing.
Phishes used ot be rare, now I can count on reliably several a week.
And never in single pairs, usually I get two or three similar phishes.

Like a couple of weeks ago it was a phish from Chase Online - I kept
getting 2 or 3 of them together in various forms. Now it's Paypal...

Some of them were good, most are lame. But you kinda catch on when you
get 2 or 3 claiming to be from the same "security" department. Like a
bank would notify of any security breaches multiple times a day...
(you're lucky if you even get an email).

I'm actually amazed at how good my spamfilter is (POPFile) - I made a
separate classification for phishes, and it really does weed them out
quite... startlingly. Our spammer/phishing friends aren't too creative
with their wording, it seems.

(Though, personally, I think if I were to advertise all the eBay,
PayPal, Chase Online, Bank of America, Bank of
somewhere-in-the-middle-of-nowhere, Major Online Retailer, etc phishes
I get, I'd single-handedly double the traffic this list gets at

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