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Scott Raun sraun at fireopal.org
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On Mon, May 08, 2006 at 05:22:20PM -0700, J Selin wrote:
> Why and how did the Dratsab speak to Ingrey?  He hasn't the right
> shaped soul for sainthood.  I have an explanation for the Son's
> working with Ingrey in ch 14: the Son isn't working the miracle,
> Ingrey is.  The Son is trying to get Ingrey to *do* something; this
> is different from being a saint -- one through whom the Gods work.  

Being granted an animal - especially one of the Great Animals used to
make shamans - enhances the ability to communicate with the gods.
Remember, the gids find it easier to use/communicate with animals than
humans - it probably has something to do with sense of individual
identity?  (Proof: the Death Miracle) So, what's actually happening is
the Dratsab is using Ingrey's wolf as a conduit to talk to Ingrey.

> Being a saint of the Dratsab does seem to encourage a certain wry,
> sardonic outlook on life, doesn't it?  Cause or effect?

I think it's more a matter of self-selection - that outlook seems so
appropriate for one who's going to worship the Dratsab in the first

> Why was Boleso half-mad?  Which came first, madness or attempts to
> get animal spirits? 

I'm afraid that's a chicken and egg question.  I would say that Boleso
was at least somewhat sociopathic to start with, and went downhill
with each new animal spirit.

> Where was Boleso getting his information? 

Are you talking about his mystical information?  I'd bet mostly from
Cumril's demon, with supplements from books not destroyed by the

> Why was Cumril's demon cooperating?

Because having that kind of hold on a king would make him much safer!

> Who called the leopard into Ijada? 

I think that the Son was able to tweak a soul in flight, to make it
land where he wanted to, instead of where Boleso & the demon wanted it

> By context, Cumril thinks it was a God; by implication (of the Gods'
> inability to deal with spirit-possessed souls) it could not have
> been.  Is there yet another force in action, perhaps the same one
> that led Ingrey's generations-wolf to him?  I shall go mad and run in
> circles if it's Wencel.

The gods can _deal_ with spirit-possessed souls - they just can't
separate them, or bring them to heaven while they're still possessed.
Scott Raun
sraun at fireopal.org

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