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On 5/9/06, J Selin <harimad2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> This chapter comment-worthy from almost the first line, when the porter
> calls Ingrey "the wolf-lord."  Exactly how common is his, er, affliction
> anyway??

Common - I don't think so. Common knowledge - certainly.

Why and how did the Dratsab speak to Ingrey?

Besides the explanation already posted - Ingrey's wolf (sorry I meant to
write this in the morning when I got to work, but I had... um, work to do :)
) - the dratsaB is using Fafa as well. Also, I don't think the shape/state
of the soul bars the soul from communicating with the gods (example - Ista
and the Mother; exception, but that is not a living soul - Arys and the
Father); the problem comes when the god has to perform the miracle through
such unreceiving vessel. In other words, you can talk, but NO TOUCHING!

Why are Ingrey and Ijada answering Lewko's questions so readily?  Was Ingrey
> hoping for more help and info from Lewko?  If so, he came up short in the
> exchange (in this chapter, at least).

Well, he _is_ a saint, and they have probably been taught to respect saints.
He is also Hallanna's friend, and they do respect Hallanna (sp?). And I do
think they hope for some collaboration from him - for the trial. Or at least
to tell them what is going on (which he can't).

Notice that *Lewko* has a good answer to "Which beginning?"

Yes. But then, Lewko _is_ older and presumably wiser...

Where was Boleso getting his information?

Hmm. A liiitle bit SPOILERISH, but:
Ingrey has already stated his theory that Boleso was aiming at the throne.
Cumril was there to help, or rather, his demon was, but he couldn't have
pulled it off so powerfully as to make ever Hetwar wonder at the outcome.
Boleso _was_ half-mad, so he couldn't have swayed so _many_ votes and kept
them. So there must have been somebody else who helped - and he provided
partial information to Boleso, enough to lure him on... But also warped as
to bar him from achieving anything really. At least that is my theory. That
person did have access to a lot of information...

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