[LMB] OT: Stupid Mayonaise/Cinco De Mayo Jokes

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Tue May 9 16:45:03 BST 2006

>You just throw the jar overboard and get:
>Sinko de Mayo!

We have a famous medical clinic here in the states, but it can be very hard 
to find! Therefore, the state where the clinic resides hired an engineer to 
put up road signs directing confused visitors and patients to a booth where 
maps and guides were available (it's a BIG clinic!). Unfortunately, the 
engineer was European and forgot and used the metric system instead of 
english units. Also, because he was Spanish, he forgot and used his native 
tongue rather than English (don't say this can't happen, NASA lost a 400 
million dollar mars probe because of EXACTLY this crud!!!) and finally, due 
to the extrememly low budget, he was forced to use an acronym rather than an 
explicit message. He wracked his brain and came up with:

Freeway     (Road)
Informacion (Directions)
Nueve        (Nine)
Kilometros   (Kilometers, he meant miles)
Optimo       (Optimal, meaning fastest)

De             (About)

Mayo         (The Mayo clinic)


FINKO de Mayo.

You asked for it! (G,D,RAVF)!

Alfred Kelgarries
"War is the art of lying to your enemies better than they can lie to you." 
Sun Tzu, modern version
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ps Any resemblance to the Wizard Of Id is impurely coincidental. I was in 
Cleveland at the time and have nine witnesses to prove it!

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