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Kalina wrote:
On 5/7/06, J Selin <harimad2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The Son doesn't seem to have any trouble with the animals, only that they
> prevent their, er, investees from entering the gates.  So why, then, did the
> Darcathians and the new Wealdians consider it black magic?

>I think the Darthacians thought it black magic because 1. they 
>couldn't do it and 2. it gave their enemies considerable physical 
>prowess and unnatural powers and 3. it involved human sacrifice.

Let's not forget (4) those who practiced it had a significant risk
of ending up sundered from their gods.  A lot of the spirit warrior's
practice is very specifically "get benefits in this world in
exchange for losing the next" -- the Darthacans don't seem to
have been aware of the bannercarriers' function, but the fact
that the Old Wealdings had an entire institution devoted to 
saving the souls of their spirit warriors indicates that there
was a _lot_ of risk and danger involved.  How many of those
warriors Wencel rhapsodizes about never reached their rightful
place in heaven?

>Why does the Son resist passing judgment?  The Son refers to the 
>Father as the judicar instead.  Do all souls stand before the 
>Father at some point or is it only the ones who are devoted/
>chosen by the Father?  If so, that sounds like uneven application 
>of justice to me.

There are times when justice is a terrible thing... the gods of Chalion seem to be into offering mercy when it's possible.  Consider the
Dratsab's approach to Joena and her demon at the climax of HH.

Plus, as someone pointed out, the Son is trying real hard to 
get Ingrey to *think* here about what needs doing.  I also like
the suggestion that He's testing Ingrey to see how the man will
react if he ever gets to Holyfield.

Tony Z

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