[LMB] Old Moldy OT:

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Wed May 10 02:15:46 BST 2006

At 06:40 PM 5/9/2006, Christine Forber wrote:

>I taught chemistry labs while I was a grad student from
>82-87. Students had quizzes at the beginning of each lab to
>ensure that they had read up on the lab of the week. Many of
>the quizzes involved some calculations. We always had log
>tables around in case anyone forgot their calculator, but I
>don't think that a single student took me up on the offer.
>Just for fun, I took my slide rule with me one day and
>offered it to the forgetful student of the week. They looked
>at me as though I were suggesting that they use an abacus.
>It was rather funny. Also pathetic in that they had no
>notion of how to estimate a reasonable answer. The
>calculator was always right. Yeah, sure.

I took Chem 103 some 53 years ago, but still remember the final 
exam.  The questions were mostly multiple choice, and the answers 
would be something like:
A. .00105
B. .105
C. 10.5
D. 10,500

Regards, Pete
pgranzeau at cox.net 

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