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Wed May 10 02:24:13 BST 2006

At 08:01 PM 5/9/2006, tonyzbaraschuk at netzero.net wrote:
>Kalina wrote:
>On 5/7/06, J Selin <harimad2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> > The Son doesn't seem to have any trouble with the animals, only that they
> > prevent their, er, investees from entering the gates.  So why, 
> then, did the
> > Darcathians and the new Wealdians consider it black magic?
> >I think the Darthacians thought it black magic because 1. they
> >couldn't do it and 2. it gave their enemies considerable physical
> >prowess and unnatural powers and 3. it involved human sacrifice.
>Let's not forget (4) those who practiced it had a significant risk
>of ending up sundered from their gods.  A lot of the spirit warrior's
>practice is very specifically "get benefits in this world in
>exchange for losing the next" -- the Darthacans don't seem to
>have been aware of the bannercarriers' function, but the fact
>that the Old Wealdings had an entire institution devoted to
>saving the souls of their spirit warriors indicates that there
>was a _lot_ of risk and danger involved.  How many of those
>warriors Wencel rhapsodizes about never reached their rightful
>place in heaven?

I am not so sure the Darthacans knew, or understood, or cared, about 
the spirit warriors.

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