[LMB] Best books to read aloud

Katherine Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Wed May 10 20:14:52 BST 2006

Wouldn't that have been later, as a holovid he watched, possibly  
without parental approval? Miles says it was when he was about  
Nikki's age.  I bet Cordelia would have imported at least some  
less ... _Barrayaran_ children's books from Beta Colony.

I recently, when asked for recommendations, made a list of favorite  
read-alouds for small children as an Amazon list (though as my  
youngest is 18, it's not necessarily up to date):


Katherine Collett

On May 9, 2006, at 7:00 AM, Jerrie wrote:
> Here is a list of the best books to read aloud, from Tuesday¹s  
> _Independent_
> (London).
> http://enjoyment.independent.co.uk/books/features/article362658.ece
> What would've been read aloud to Miles?  I'm nominating "Vorthalia the
> Bold", most likely during Aral's lunches.
> Jerrie, who's 8 for 10

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