[LMB] Re: Stereotypes (and Disney)

Eileen McConnell phoenixargent at gmail.com
Fri May 12 17:58:58 BST 2006

the CGI "Final Fantasy" movie came the closest so
far, and it still creaked around the edges, despite how carefully the
animators played to the strengths of their rendering engines and avoided
the things they were weak at.
       Of course, a decent script would have helped, too.

Er, *which* CGI Final Fantasy movie?  "Spirits Within," or "Advent
Children"?  :)  I must admit I was quite impressed by the CGI in the former,
except as regards the main character, who looked as though she were made of
plastic -- especially given the very realistic appearance of the rest of the
cast.  The latter didn't seem quite as realistic, possibly because of the
whole color-equals-atmosphere thing.  Half the movie everyone looked like
zombies with jaundice on a cloudy day.  :)

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