[LMB] Old Moldy OT:

James cessnadriver at gmail.com
Sat May 13 06:38:15 BST 2006

On 5/12/06, dreitman at spiritone.com <dreitman at spiritone.com> wrote:
> There was the time I was doing high school physics homework and realized that my calculations resulted in a velocity of approximately 100c.  I knew it was wrong, but it took me forever to figure out the problem.  (And no, it wasn't because I was using cm instead of m.)

You could claim you discovered tachyons! *grin*

I like profs that actually checked work when grading exams...
sometimes you can earn extra points by acknowledging an incorrect
answer and saying so. (I was always more fond of non-essay
free-response questions since "show your work" allows for more
demonstrative answers. I suppose if I was to teach something, my exam
would consist of one question whose response would've covered an
entire session. And killer subquestions that would trick people into
using shortcuts that don't work in the particular instance.)

I did detest essay and other written questions, though...

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