[LMB] Birthdays

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Sun May 14 01:20:38 BST 2006

[The stout fellow wanders onto the stage, a bit aimlessly, with Murphy 
padding at his side. In place of his usual academic robes, he is wearing 
a ragged bathrobe. At center stage, he pauses and scratches his head 

Hmm. There's something I'm forgetting.

[One of the ubiquitous flying humanoids darts onto the stage and 
buzzes at him urgently. He listens intently, then nods. The humanoid 
flits away.]

Ah, yes. Today we celebrate two listie birthdays. The first, in order of 
seniority, is that of longtime listmember Robin Anderson. Robin is one 
of our kiwi contingent, and though he has had little to say of late, we 
still remember and miss him. (You there, Robin?) He turns 51 today (or, 
more likely, yesterday - drat that IDL!); let's hope that the day has gone 
(or went) happily, in the midst of friends and family.

Second is a fellow who goes by the use-name of Countryboy - rumor 
has it his name is Allen - a chemical engineer and father of four, who 
turns forty today. (He recently fretted over being a child of the eighties, 
which he deemed a barren period culturally; the stout fellow has little 
sympathy, as his own teen years were the *seventies*...) Countryboy, 
may you and yours enjoy the day; may you be blessed with good 
weather, health and happiness, now and in the future. (The stout fellow 
admits that the weather wish is slightly self-serving, since whatever hits 
Countryboy's Indiana home usually blew through Edwardsville a day or 
two earlier...)

Ladies and gentlemen of the list, I give you our two celebrants!

[The humanoid whisks back in and buzzes urgently at the stout fellow. 
He starts, glancing down at his robe. Looking up, he smiles sickly, 
mutters something about semester break, and dashes offstage. Murphy 
galumphs after him, woofing.]

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