[LMB] HH chapter 16

Kalina Varbanova kikibug13 at gmail.com
Mon May 15 20:59:01 BST 2006

On 5/15/06, Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com> wrote:
> > >Ingrey hates the gods. Are the five gods the same
> > as
> > >the gods of the Wealdings?
> --- "Peter H. Granzeau" <pgranzeau at cox.net> wrote:
> > I didn't get that impression at all.
> Which impression? That they are the same, or that he hates them?

I think he meant the impression that Ingrey hates the gods.

I know that Horseriver does. I also think Ingrey does, a little, because
they were used to not lend a hand in his toil, and he knew he was forever
separated from them. He expected neither mercy nor punishment, I suspect, so
he could hate them. When they barged in his life (when Ijada stormed him for
them), he is confused and can eventually rebond to them. Ingrey is not
devout, but he is so indoctrinated in the fact that he is defiled, accursed,
sundered, that even though he closes himself to the glory, he takes upon
himself the punishment (as Ijada said, very Ingrey-like - to see only the
black side...)

Ingrey does hate the gods in a way, but on the other way, he starts turning
to them, slowly. IMHO :)

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