[LMB] Re: Birthday wishes

Jim Davis firedrake at earthlink.net
Wed May 17 14:49:39 BST 2006

Happy belated birthday, Robin.  My birthday's Friday (I'll be 52),  
but there's always been some disagreement in my family about it,  
because I was born on Guam, on the other side of the International  
Date Line, so my uncle, who was born on the 18th always claimed we  
had the same birthday.

Enjoy Japan!

Jim Davis

On May 12, 2006, at 8:47 PM, Robin Anderson wrote:

>> From: "Jim Parish" <jparish at siue.edu>
>> [The stout fellow wanders onto the stage, a bit aimlessly, with  
>> Murphy
>> padding at his side. In place of his usual academic robes, he is  
>> wearing
>> a ragged bathrobe. At center stage, he pauses and scratches his head
>> thoughtfully.]
>> Hmm. There's something I'm forgetting.
>> [One of the ubiquitous flying humanoids darts onto the stage and
>> buzzes at him urgently. He listens intently, then nods. The humanoid
>> flits away.]
>> Ah, yes. Today we celebrate two listie birthdays. The first, in  
>> order of
>> seniority, is that of longtime listmember Robin Anderson. Robin is  
>> one
>> of our kiwi contingent, and though he has had little to say of  
>> late, we
>> still remember and miss him. (You there, Robin?) He turns 51 today  
>> (or,
>> more likely, yesterday - drat that IDL!); let's hope that the day  
>> has gone
>> (or went) happily, in the midst of friends and family.
> Thank you Jim,
> I had a great birthday. My mother is down from Auckland for a few  
> days - her
> birthday is tomorrow the 18th. No books(I am waiting for Lois's  
> book to
> appear) but CDs and good friends and meals and wine.
> I had a sudden offer of a place to stay in Tokyo with friends who  
> will be
> going back to Australia soon, so it looks like I may be visiting  
> there at
> the end of July - still to be confirmed.
> Thank you all for your best wishes. You have been very quiet  
> recently too.
> Must be all that warm weather - winter has arrived here and we have  
> had cold
> winds and rain.
> Cheers and thank you for the birthday wishes. I do love this list  
> even if I
> am mainly a lurker.
> Robin in Wellington NZ
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