[LMB] Skullsplitters

Nicholas Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Fri May 19 03:18:44 BST 2006

In Whole Foods last weekend, I noticed Skullsplitter
Ale from Scotland, named after Thorfinn Skullsplitter, 
a viking jarl of the Orkneys back in the tenth century.  He
didn't get that nickname by splitting people's head's with
poetry, unlike our friend Jokol.  Evidently the tradition of
skull-splitting lives on, because the ale is listed as 8.5%
alcohol, which assured that I didn't buy it.  That level of
alcohol in a smaller glass of wine would be OK, but a
whole bottle of ale?  Some people have that kind of 
tolerance for strong drink, but not I.

Meanwhile, there are those who split our heads with their
poetry, and Heather Alexander is one of them (I first heard
of her on the list, IIRC).  Her new CD, _Merlin's 
Descendants_, is out, and you can find a review on my
blog, http://ndrosen.livejournal.com .

Nicholas Rosen

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