[LMB] OT: missing books

MegJ megj at nwlink.com
Fri May 19 05:07:32 BST 2006

> I still don't get the thing where there are a zillion copies of one part
(usually *not* Part 1) and none of some of the others.

That one I can give a likely reason for.  Or two.  One, there probably were
originally as many copies of Part 1 as the other parts, but they either got
worn out faster because people tend to start a series with Part 1 and
perhaps not go on to Parts 2+, so Part 1 gets worn out faster, or for some
reason more Part 1s got dropped in the tub/eaten by the dog/otherwise
vandalized one at a time, and weren't replaced because no one noticed that
the library system was down to one copy (or none <sigh>).  Two, maybe when
the library system bought Part 1 nobody knew that the series was going to
take off like wildfire, so they only bought a couple of copies, and then the
series took off like wildfire, and so they bought many multiples of Parts
2+.  Or both.

Unfortunately, I've never seen a workable way to have the computer system do
little beeps and alarms when these sorts of things happen, so we have to
rely on people noticing.  And the collection development department just
doesn't have the time to do manual checks on Every Single Series.

librarian whose collection development department loves to have the
patrons/branch staff point these little glitches out so that they know to
buy more Part 1s -- they even sought out the NEFSA edition of Shards on my
suggestion so that there'd be a non-omnibus version in the library as well
as the omnibus

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