[LMB] OT: missing books

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Sat May 20 00:52:01 BST 2006

Delurking for a moment...

My 'home town' library in Minot, ND is getting more
and more into having paperbacks for 'popular' read-
ing materials.  In fact, this is where I found out
about Herself and got seriously hooked on her books
one summer.

I would wander up and down the SF areas of the paper-
backs and see what caught my eye.  Inevitably there
would be serials that were three to five books long
and they would have books 2-4, one two and five, or
just book three.  Check the card catalog and that
would be the only book in the place by that author.

Infuriating to say the least!  One day I got kinda
fed up with that state of affairs and asked the li-
brarian on duty what the deal was.  He explained that
the vast majority of the paperbacks were all donated
and the rest were bought at hugely discounted prices
from places that handle remaindered books and what-
not.  So if they had a big donation where the own-
er wanted to keep a certain book, or perhaps the
wholesaler only GOT certain copies, then that's all
that they had.

With that bit of information I was much more willing
to put up with that.  When they are increasing the
amount of books available to the reading public for
just pennies on the dollar I'm much more understand-
ing.  Hey, that's MY money that they're spending.
*smile*  To this day, my favorite library of all
the places that I've ever lived is the Minot library
as they have the largest number of books per capita
than any other place I've ever lived.  A very jud-
icious application of funds and a staff that's go-
oing out of its way to find new and better ways
to serve their public makes the place so much more
useful as a place to find information and books to
read simply for pleasure.

Just my $.02 (US) worth.  :)

ObBujold:  I found _WA_ by just going up and down
the aisles of the Minot Public Library's SF paper-
back books looking at covers and noticed that the
artwork was by the same artist who'd done the co-
ver for ANOTHER of my favorite books of that sum-
mer by an author Roger MacBride Allen I believe
that the book was called Torch of Honor (but I'm
not sure).  The ships on the covers were almost
identical, and I rationalized that the publisher
being the same and having the same artist doing
cover work that Herself's books must be as good
as this other guy's...  I was wrong, they are far
far BETTER!  :)

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