[LMB] Birthdays

Jim Davis firedrake at earthlink.net
Sat May 20 04:01:17 BST 2006

On May 19, 2006, at 4:48 PM, Jim Parish wrote:

> [The curtain rises; the stout fellow in academic robes stands stage
> center. There are no dogs or flying things in sight.]
> Once again today, my friends, we celebrate two birthdays - or perhaps
> one-and-a-half.
> Mark Eddy turns thirty-six today. Mark's been rather quiet for quite a
> while, and understandably so; he's been having a rough couple of
> years. (I'm sure many of you will remember the details.) I hope you'll
> join me in wishing him peace, healing, and - if only for this day -  
> joy.

Much joy, peace and healing to Mark!  May the worst day of the year  
to come be better than the best day of the year just passed!
> Jim Davis may have been born on this day, some fifty-two years ago; I
> understand there's some dispute on that subject. Here's hoping that
> he's having the kind of day that can only be appreciated by a
> synesthesian (synesthesiac?) wanna-be null-G dancer!

Except that I'm not outside Skyfac dancing with Sharra Drummond to  
some weird color organ music . . . <grin>

Thank you!

> Jim, Mark, happy birthday, and may the prayers and thoughts of the  
> list
> be reflected in your lives!
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