[LMB] OT: AKICOTL: Windows and Firefox issue

orangekch at 702com.net orangekch at 702com.net
Sun May 21 05:44:35 BST 2006

Hey all!

I'm kindof at my wits end on this one now.  I've been
using Firefox for years with fantastic results.  About
three days ago a very bizarre problem occured.  I'm
using a 19" CRT Monitor on a Windows Xp Machine.  I
went to open up Firefox and instead of my 'normal
size' window that opens up in the center of the screen
from top to bottom, it was about 4" wide and all the
way to the left of the screen, and had space at the
bottom and top.

I resized it like normal and then closed it, then when
I reopened it it was back tot he small version.  I did
the right-click move routine, closed it with the same
result.  Then I tried the right click resize bit and
had the same narrow bar at the left of the screen.

I uninstalled it, shut down, restarted, re-installed
and same damned thing.  Narrow version to the left of
the screen.

Okay, by this time I'm getting angry.  I tried open-
ing it in full size mode, but unless I use tabs, any
new windows appear as the narrow strip to the left
of the screen.

I installed Netscrape 8.x and it did the exact same
thing (no surprise there, they're based on the same

Does anyone have any suggestions to get my Firefox
to the4 size and place that I want it?  I REALLY
don't like using IE (which was NOT affected) and
hate having to resize the danged thing every time
I re-open it.

Thanks all!


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