[LMB] OT: AKICOTL: Laundry

Melissa Siah siahmk at hotmail.com
Sun May 21 04:41:28 BST 2006

>From: "PAT MATHEWS" <mathews55 at msn.com>
>A lot of the frugal living advisors and the energy saving advisors suggest
>washing your laundry - all of it - in warm or even cold water.  I consider
>the nature of soiled underwear and cleaning rags and shudder. Isn't this
>unsanitary? Or do they use disposables?
>Pat, doing what I've done for 60 years

I do separated loads with a variety of temperatures, since quite a number of 
items that I want sanitised will not survive a hot wash.  Anything that I 
suspect to be a biohazard gets either soaked in Napisan or washed at 60C.  
Anything that I'm particularly paranoid about, like the cloths that I used 
with the sick birds a month or two back, gets both.  Oh, just googled - 
Napisan, which contains sodium percarbonate, is apparently an oxygen bleach. 
  Cleaning rags - actually cleaning microfibre clothes/mops/etc - don't deal 
well with bleaches in the fibre, so they get soaked in regular washing 
powder and then the hot wash.

Regular laundry gets chucked into cold water with just detergent. Any load 
with wool in it goes in at 30C with wool detergent. All separated by 


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