orangekch at 702com.net orangekch at 702com.net
Sun May 21 15:18:57 BST 2006

Hey all!

I recently delurked for a moment to ask a question
about Ms Windows and firefox.  I got a few respon-
ses and none seemed to work.

Well, I finally got it to work the way that it is
SUPPOSED TO!  and it was thnks in great part to
the members ofthe list.

What I had to do was uninstall Firefox, delete the
settings folder, regedit any and all references to
Mozilla and Netscrape, and then restart, defrag,

It now works just the way that I want it to.  Al-
beit sans bookmarks.  Despite backing them up,
when I moved them into the settings folder they
just plain disappeared.

Still, a small price to pay for having Firefox up
and working again.

Thanks again everyone!


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