[LMB] Birthdays

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Mon May 22 19:41:29 BST 2006

[The stout fellow strides onto the stage. He is accompanied by two of 
the winged humanoids, each hovering above with a sheaf of papers.]

Dear friends... perhaps it's the influence of the Divine Twins, but May 
seems replete with paired list-birthdays; today is yet another example.

Our first celebrant [he pauses to take papers from one of his assistants] 
is Melissa Siah, another member of the Down Under contingent. 
Melissa, who is twenty-six today [he pauses in realization and frowns] 
*or perhaps yesterday*, is a non-practicing lawyer, and on-list has both 
helped and been helped by other listies, on subjects ranging from 
cookery to the obtaining of out-of-country books. She has also been 
active on the home front, having achieved her first local convert some 
months ago. Congratulations to her for that! Melissa, may your day be - 
*have been* - one of delight, filled with... [he thumbs through the 
document, then hands it back to his hovering ally] whatever it is that 
gives you the most enjoyment. May you and yours have a prosperous 
year, peaceful or otherwise, as you desire.

Today's other birthday [he turns and accepts the packet from the other 
creature] is that of the list's resident Curmudgeon-In-Training, Eric 
Oppen. Eric is a long-time listie; we were robbed of his presence for 
technical reasons late last year, but he's back now, contributing his 
wealth of ethnographic and historical lore and committing the 
occasional filk. Eric, may your day be an enjoyable one, and may you 
someday find your yurt!

Friends, Bujoldians, and... err... whatever... I give you Melissa and Eric!

[He leads the audience in a round of applause, bows, and exits. The 
flying creatures are already gone.]

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