[LMB] Birthdays

Melissa Siah siahmk at hotmail.com
Wed May 24 05:00:32 BST 2006

Jim Parish and his winged humanoids sent the following birthday wishes:

>Our first celebrant [he pauses to take papers from one of his assistants]
>is Melissa Siah, another member of the Down Under contingent.
>Melissa, who is twenty-six today [he pauses in realization and frowns]
>*or perhaps yesterday*, is a non-practicing lawyer, and on-list has both
>helped and been helped by other listies, on subjects ranging from
>cookery to the obtaining of out-of-country books. She has also been
>active on the home front, having achieved her first local convert some
>months ago. Congratulations to her for that! Melissa, may your day be -
>*have been* - one of delight, filled with... [he thumbs through the
>document, then hands it back to his hovering ally] whatever it is that
>gives you the most enjoyment. May you and yours have a prosperous
>year, peaceful or otherwise, as you desire.

[Melissa bows solemnly to the List, much pleased]

Thank you very much, Jim.  I had a lovely day, starting with breakfast in 
bed, followed by a sprinkling of presents (including cooking implements (!), 
a hardback version of Kushiel's Dart, some pretty earrings), emails, SMS and 
phone calls from around the globe through the day, chocolate mousse at Koko 
Black for afternoon tea, finished by a fabulous dinner at my favourite 
Japanese restuarant, Yuu.

However, I must beg to inform the List that I have... um, returned to the 
dark side in the last six months.  (At least that's how my engineer friends 
describe my return to legal practice, even though I'm now working without 
those pesky time units for a perfectly innocuous government agency.)

In my defence, I offer up another convert from the local bookstore to 
Herself. :-)

Kind regards,



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