[LMB] HH chapter 17

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Wed May 24 18:15:13 BST 2006

Chapter 17: In which Ingrey collapses on a bench and
then recovers enough to go to see Sealmaster Hetwar,
where he is interrogated by Lewko, the
archdivine-ordainer, Prince-marshall Biast, and Gesca.

Why Gesca? I can understand the others discussing
policy and sharing information, but Gesca - had he
been reporting to one of them? About whom?  Ingrey
suspects that Gesca is reporting to Horseriver, but if
he's Hetwar's spy in Horseriver's household, why does
Hetwar want Ingrey to become a spy there too?  I
suspect Gesca is spying on/for someone else.

I like the way Ingrey handles himself under pressure.
(Though I'm not sure he really considers this kind of
interrogation as "pressure", he handles it so well.) 

Before that... Ingery's musing on Horseriver (so that
was his name!) or Wencel, highlighting his own
expected fate as Horseriver's next host body.   When
they talk later about Wencel's vote for the next king,
it seems to me that Wencel might a good choice as
king, being somewhat experienced in the role, having
centuries of accumulated knowledge, and it's a way of
potentially creating a victory for him - giving him
the power to lay all those souls to rest. Including
his own.  Maybe.

Or perhaps the answer is to let Horseriver die but let
the hallowed-king part of him possess the next king.  

So having thought about Wencel and settled his
stomach, why doesn't Ingrey go and tell Ijada what he
has learned, and warn her about the change that will
take place in him when Wencel dies?  Why does he go to
Hetwar first?  Bad priority.

I like the way Hetwar and Ingrey bait each other. 
Lewko takes a low profile here.  

Good line:
Ingrey: "I get blessed by the five gods every
Quarteday Service. It does not make me holy."

"Truly," muttered Hetwar, almost inaudibly.

Ingrey's loyalty to Hetwar still seems half-hearted,
and I am still not sure why.  A habit of trusting no
one?  He seems to trust Ijada now; I guess that's

Re Fara telling Biast that Wencel brough Ijada into
her household: is this linked to the Wounded Woods? In
which case, why send her to Boleso?  Or is Fara lying?
(I still don't trust her, but it's hard to suspect
major villainy of a character who hasn't appeared this
far into the book.)  I suspect Wencel knows something
about Ijada that we don't.

Isn't Jokol going to come back into the story?  We
haven't seen him for a long time.

Best lines in the chapter:
Hetwar: "So what did you and the god really say to
each other?"

Ingrey: "We ... argued."

And another good line: "A passing matron paused and
stared at him... but, perhaps taking in his sex, age
and cutlery, passed on without daring to inquire into
his well-being."


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