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On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 01:15:13PM -0400, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> Chapter 17: In which Ingrey collapses on a bench and

With a great descriptive bit - "turning his knees to tallow"

> Why Gesca? I can understand the others discussing policy and sharing
> information, but Gesca - had he been reporting to one of them? About
> whom?  Ingrey suspects that Gesca is reporting to Horseriver, but if
> he's Hetwar's spy in Horseriver's household, why does Hetwar want
> Ingrey to become a spy there too?  I suspect Gesca is spying on/for
> someone else.

Gesca is spying for Horseriver.  It looks like sheer bad luck that he
was there for the interview.  (Which reminds me - Lois' Rule of
Authorial Coincidence: you can only use coincidence once per book to
help the hero, but you can use it as many times as you want to hinder

> Before that... Ingery's musing on Horseriver (so that was his name!)

Title.  Or more accurately, kin name.  The equivalent, in many ways,
of a modern English surname.  I don't think it's a spoiler to tell you
that we never do find out the proper (or first) name of the last
Hallowed King.

> or Wencel, highlighting his own expected fate as Horseriver's next
> host body.  When they talk later about Wencel's vote for the next
> king, it seems to me that Wencel might a good choice as king, being
> somewhat experienced in the role, having centuries of accumulated
> knowledge, and it's a way of potentially creating a victory for him
> - giving him the power to lay all those souls to rest. Including his
> own.  Maybe.

If that would work, it should have happened after Earl Horseriver the

> Or perhaps the answer is to let Horseriver die but let the
> hallowed-king part of him possess the next king.

Only works if they're willing to vote Ingrey in as king!  Remember,
the _spell_ picks the next target.

> So having thought about Wencel and settled his stomach, why doesn't
> Ingrey go and tell Ijada what he has learned, and warn her about the
> change that will take place in him when Wencel dies?  Why does he go
> to Hetwar first?  Bad priority.

Ingrey was too close to Hetwar's palace, and overdue to report.  It
was prudent to report to Hetwar first - IIRC, this was his first
chance to report to Hetwar since his return to the city, and was long
overdue!  After all, what if somoene had seen him walking away from
Hetwar's and reported it?  Also, he wanted to beg Hetwar to _not_
release him to Wencel's service.  Pity that fell through.  ;-)

_Important_ line!

Ingrey: "... -what is the precise theological difference between the
     hallow kingship of the Old Weald and its renewed form under
     Quintarian orthodoxy?"

Another set of good lines:

:   "That was humor?" muttered Biast.
:   "As close as he ever comes to it." (Hetwar)

> Ingrey's loyalty to Hetwar still seems half-hearted, and I am still
> not sure why.  A habit of trusting no one?  He seems to trust Ijada
> now; I guess that's progress.

I think Ingrey is loyal to his word, which he has given to Hetwar.  He
_definitely_ trusts Ijada unreservedly!

> Re Fara telling Biast that Wencel brough Ijada into her household:
> is this linked to the Wounded Woods?

Possibly probably?  I wonder if Wencel didn't need to get a good
chance to study her, since she is linked to the Wounded Woods.  As to
why Wencel would be interested - we'll leave that question be.

> In which case, why send her to Boleso?  Or is Fara lying?  (I still
> don't trust her, but it's hard to suspect major villainy of a
> character who hasn't appeared this far into the book.)  I suspect
> Wencel knows something about Ijada that we don't.

I suspect Fara screwed up Wencel's needs and/or plans by leaving Ijada
with Boleso.  Fara probably has the most transparent motives of anyone
we've met so far.

> Isn't Jokol going to come back into the story?  We haven't seen him
> for a long time.

Don't worry, you'll get to see him again!

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