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(moldy oldy commentary)

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> Peter Granzeau wrote:
>> Here and now, there is but one single tradition of a monarch who
>> abdicates into retirement:  queens of the Netherlands have done so
>> (Wilhelmina and Juliana, anyway--we don't yet know how Beatrix feels
>> about it).  I don't believe any other monarch has ever gone into
>> retirement, although there have of course been monarchs forced to
>> leave (Leopold III of Belgium, for instance).
> Hmm? What bounds are you putting on this? The Emperor Diocletian
> comes to mind, and Pope Celestine V; both of those were voluntary.
> (Diocletian was apparently worn out, and Celestine decided he wasn't
> fit for the job.)

Some Roman emperors did throne-sharing, including those who appointed their 
chosen successors to joint rule with them.

There formerly was a tradition in Japan of emperors retiring--they had 
little real power while Emperor, the Fujiwara clan or some such had most of 
the power... provide the Emperor's wife, and run things that way.  Retired 
emperors had more power after retiring, to pull strings.  I think that 
Robert Silverberg may have borrowed some of that in his Majipoor books.

On Barrayar, a lot of emperors didn't have the luxury to retire--some were 
offed, while in the case of Ezar, the heir was an utter monster, whom Ezar 
did NOT want to hand a throne over to! 

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