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Francis Turner francis.turner at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 11:26:34 BST 2008

On 6/4/08, M. Haller Yamada <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Revenge of the Japanese: "Mayonnaise Hiroshi." hurkle-hurkle (sound of goofy laughing). Japanese school kids think this sounds JUST like "My name is Hiroshi." Since I'm trying to teach them how to *really* say "My name is," it is a current bane of my existence.
> Although, I'm not totally opposed to language shift. I can't remember which old tyme SF guy loved to shift the names of towns - Sprague de Camp? I used to love that kind of theorizing. Been a long time since I read whoever it was.
> Oh well, all in the fun of being a research assistant for five minutes! Do you need some more names, Lois? How much detail do you want with them (if you want them)? Dork factor, literal translation, era?
> Micki

And then there's the 'Sanctuary match' == thank you very much which I
think is another Japanese deliberate mishearing thing...

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  Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows.

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